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Fresh tech for fresher food

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Explore how improving supply chain efficiency and understanding consumer expectations around online grocery could add value for your organization.

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Fresh tech for fresher food

This episode of our That Makes Cents podcast was recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak, but the conversation around improving supply chain efficiency, understanding consumer expectations around online grocery, and reducing fresh food waste seem even more relevant today. Tune in to hear from this episode’s guests: Mike Balint, Director of fresh flow supply chain at Walmart and Josh Mellinger, co-leader of the Future of Fresh offering at Deloitte.

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We have a lot of really good technologies, a lot of really good solutions. We’ll be able to perfect them over time… Getting them implemented now is something that I think we all can do. It is a risk. It does take some organizational courage to be able to step into some of these new and disruptive technologies, but it is something that I believe will yield a significant impact.

⁠—Mike Balint, director, fresh flow supply chain, Walmart

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