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The future of fresh food supply chain

Consistently deliver high-quality fresh product to consumers

How customers buy food is changing. Freshness and quality, even more so than cost, is the top driver of satisfaction among grocery customers. Combine this driver with a rapid proliferation of game-changing technologies, societal food waste challenges, changing consumer behaviors and an intensely competitive industry segment, grocery retail, food service providers, food suppliers, and others in the food value chain must evolve to effectively compete. The traditional food value chain is becoming a digitized, always on, and fully integrated digital supply network powered by real time data and analytics.

Future of Fresh

Holistic freshness management

The future of fresh is enabled by a highly dynamic and agile supply chain that uses cutting-edge digital and analytics solutions to enable real-time purchasing, routing, and pricing decisions. It creates a real connectivity with your food value chain ecosystem via digital supply network and can generate significant value, i.e., increased freshness and reduced waste can be achieved at every stop from the farm to the customer's home.

Even before product is harvested, intelligent supply algorithms predict quality and freshness based on growing conditions. In transit, transportation time and core temperature management allow your company to deliver fresh product, quickly diagnose problems, and adjust as needed to maintain consistent product flow. Store operations are augmented by digital workflows, taking employee guesswork out of predicting customer demand, managing inventory, and keeping the right products on the shelf for customers. The remaining food waste during operations can be diverted optimally to reduce cost and environmental impact.

The consistent ability to deliver high-quality fresh product to consumers builds customer rapport at higher margins, resulting from improved quality and reduced costs. Deloitte uses a holistic freshness management approach to help our clients achieve results in the most critical areas of the food value chain. To achieve these results, there are several opportunities an organization can explore.

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Driving fresh in the organization

Helping your organization take these steps starts to drive the future of fresh food in your value chain:

Explore these opportunities to achieve better results for your food value chain

Deloitte can help

If you’d like to evolve your fresh food supply chain to one that is highly dynamic and agile, let’s talk. We can help you deploy cutting-edge digital and analytics solutions that enable real-time purchasing, routing, and pricing decisions to deliver the fresh food your customers want when they want it.

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James Beard Foundation

Deloitte is a proud sponsor of the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America and Leadership Award. The James Beard Foundation’s (JBF) mission is to celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone. We’re proud to sponsor these programs that drive and recognize innovation in our communities.

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