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Let’s get digital: Defining times for the CP industry

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Learn how times of disruption can accellerate the gap between digitally-savvy consumer products (CP) companies and those who lack clear direction.

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Defining times for the consumer products industry

From the dot-com crash to the recession of 2008, history has shown us that times of disruption often accelerate the gap between successful digitally focused companies and those who lack clear direction. Learn more on this episode featuring Steve Salzinger, digital adviser to two prominent private equity firms, and Kevin Rose, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, focused on the consumer products industry.

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What you’ve always seen in good times is people overinvesting in noneconomic ways, while in bad times, inevitably, whether it was in the dot-com crash or the 2008 recession, you see an interesting, accelerating separation between successful digitally focused companies and those who don’t have the business discipline...In my opinion, it’s in the tough times, like I believe we are entering now, that the fortunes of tomorrow are made.

⁠—Steve Salzinger, managing director, Salzinger LLC

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