2017 Incentives Alerts and Circulars

Deloitte's Incentives Team advises clients on the implementation and realization of various R&D incentives available both in Israel and worldwide, including funding from the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), Bi-Lateral Funds and European Union's Horizon 2020 Program. The Incentives Team connects clients with the most relevant opportunities and supports them throughout the R&D incentives lifecycle.

The following newsletters provide specific updates in the Global R&D ecosystem, particularly within the EU's Horizon 2020 Program. There are relevant opportunities for a variety of innovators at various stages (start-ups, small, midsize as well as large companies, academia, and industry).

  • 1.2017
    Grants to encourage contractors to improve industrialized construction methods
  • 2.2017
    Grants for Increasing Exporting
  • 3.2017
    Grants for Increasing Exporting – Tenders and International Projects
  • 4.2017
    Approved Enterprose – Alternatives of Export Term
  • 5.2017
    Employment Track Grants
  • 6.2017
    Employment Track Grants
  • 7.2017
    Grants for the production of gluten-free food
  • 8.2017
    Employment Track Grants for Ethiopian Origin
  • 8.2017.Submission_Date_Update
    Employment Track Grants for Ethiopian Origin - Submission Date Update
  • 9.2017
    Grants for Increasing Exporting: New Track and updates
  • 9.2017.Submission_Date_Update
    Grants for Increasing Exporting: New Track and updates - Submission Date Update
  • 10.2017
    Employment Track Grants
  • 11.2017
    Employment Track Grants – High Salary
  • 12.2017
    Grants for Industrial Enterprises in Dimona, Arad and Yeruham
  • 13.2017
    Grants for Industrial Enterprises in the Northern District that will Improve Work Productivity
  • 14.2017
    Grants for Hiring New Employees in Northern and Southern Districts and Social Periphery 
  • 15.2017
    Grants for Companies in Jerusalem
  • 16.2017
    Grants for Energy Efficiency in the Southern District
  • 17.2017
    Grants for Production of Whole Wheat Bread
  • 18.2017
    Employmant Track Grants - High Salary & Grants for Industrial Enterprises or for services sector in Dimona, Arad and Yeruham
  • 19.2017

    Grants for Increasing Exporting: Applications in 2018


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