2019 Tax Alerts and Circulars - Israel

Following is a list of our latest Tax alerts & circulars in Hebrew.

  • 1.2019
     Reports and payments to the tax authorities by January 30, 2019
  • 2.2019
    Tax calculation related totals and updates for tax year 2019
  • 3.2019
    Interest rate amendment according to section 3(i) & 3(j) of the Income Tax Ordinance -2019 
  • 4.2019
    Withholding tax at source from payments for assets and services in 2019   
  • 5.2019
    The recognition of the sale of goodwill transferred by an individual shareholder together with the individual's shares, the tax rate on the realization of the shares, which were registered on the stock exchange prior to 2003
  • 6.2019
    Postponement of the final due date - Taking a contradicting position- VAT and customs, 2018
  • 7.2019
    Sales Of Shares In An National Outline Plan
  • 8.2019
    Reduced tax rate of 15% for individual for available profits for distribution which are generated from the gain of the Encouragement Of Capital Investment Law, the out of Israel offset's priority, the L.L.C's offset priority
  • 9.2019
    Postponement of the due date to submit withholding tax from wages and non-wages online reports
  • 10.2019
    Postponement of the due date to submit from wages and non-wages withholding tax online reports
  • 11.2019
    Filing Individual's tax return for tax year 2018
  • 12.2019
    Notice Notice until 31 May 2019 - The Application of Benefits of Choosing a Preferred Enterprise
  • 13.2019
    Joint registration of dealers - Failure to file Final Annual Report
  • 14.2019
    Benefits to a "Technology Preferred Enterprise": Conditions attesting to an "Enterprise Promoting Innovation" - Publication of Regulations
  • 15.2019
    The sale of a bitcoin is considered as a sale of an asset and not as a sale of a currency and as such the profit from such sale is not exempt from tax – The Kopel ruling
  • 16.2019
    Reporting for capital gain from securities until July 31, 2019
  • 17.2019
    Updated Declaration Regarding an International Transaction with a Related Party (Israeli Tax Return Form 1385)
  • 18.2019
    Preferred Stock - Classification for Tax Purposes – tax circular review
  • 19.2019
    Important Issues Related to Claiming Benefits in Accordance with the Capital Investment Encouragement Law
  • 20.2019
    Angels Law- End of tax year 2019 
  • 21.2019
    Taxation of companies which are under the control of five persons at most
  • 22.2019
    Separation or Consolidation of Enterprises for the Purpose of Receiving Benefits under the Law for Encouraging Capital Investment - Tax Circular 3/2019
  • 23.2019
    Israeli court ruling – change of business model (Broadcom)23.2019
  • 24.2019
    The Israeli Tax Authority has published a list of its 2019 positions. Taking a contradicting position must therefore be reported.

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