Global Employee Services (GES)

The Global Employee Services Group combines immigration, relocation and equity-based compensation services with a global perspective, enabling us to support companies through the relocation process – from the preliminary stages of planning an employee’s relocation, to the finalization stage.

Among our solutions

  • A global review of the Israeli tax aspects applicable to employees relocated to Israel or abroad.
  • Work permit services
  • Employee equity-based compensation, including the design and structuring of executive/employee compensation programs and assistance in selecting the most beneficial equity-based compensation tool and tax route for the company and its employees.
  • Obtaining the necessary Tax Authority approvals concerning employee taxation due to the realization of options and other compensations (especially relevant for buy outs)

Inbound immigration services – providing assistance to foreign citizens in order to work and reside in Israel.

• B/1 work visa - for either long term or short-term work

• Short-term B/1 work visa for foreign experts

• Obtaining an immigrant visa (Oleh certificate)

• Applications for the Change of Status of foreign spousesof Israeli citizens/ Israeli permanent residents

• Accompanying employees after their arrival in Israel, from thedate of arrival to Israel until the completion of the process


Outbound immigration assistance to Israeli citizenswho wish to work in foreign countries

• Issuance of long-term work visas or short-term work visas forrelocation to the new country

• Providing services for translation and verification of officialdocuments required for obtaining a work permit (birthcertificate, marriage certificate, etc.)


Global Migration Services Hub

We serve as the main immigration provider for the company'semployees and provide the full services required for employeesworldwide through the relevant Deloitte branches.


Moving to an unfamiliar country andexperiencing a new culture is an exciting eventfull of opportunities, but at the same time mayalso involve unfamiliar difficulties, and sometimeseven fears of the unknown.The mobility team at Deloitte provides close personaland professional support in order to facilitate the relocationprocess for employees and their families. In addition, they facilitatetheir integration in the new destination country as to transformthe experience of the transition to the new country into a pleasantand easy one.


Among other things, we will assist youremployees and their families with the following:

Finding a place of residence customized according to the personal needs of the employee and his family members.

Registering the children of the employee to the relevant educational Institutions.

Dealing with the bureaucratic obstacles in each country:opening a bank account, issuance of SSN card, issuing adriver's license, purchasing home and a car insurance,obtaining health insurance, etc.

Providing connections to infrastructure services:electricity, gas, water, sewage, garbage, telephone, cablesand the internet.

Becoming acquainted with the new location in thedestination country by offering a preliminary visit to thedesignated house in the new location and jointly planningthe continuation of the process in accordance with theneeds of each employee.


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Alona Meiron

Alona Meiron

Partner, Tax Division Leader

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Gabi Waisman

Gabi Waisman

Partner, Head of Global Employee Services Group

Gabi has more than 25 years of extensive experience in taxation of Israeli corporates and individuals. Gabi started his career at the Israel Tax Authorities and then joined to the tax department of on... More