Real  Estate Taxation 

Real - Estate Tax Department

The Real-Estate Tax department specializes in providing expert
consulting and support in real-estate transactions. We are dedicated to
inspecting and assessing all tax aspects at the early stages of a transaction,
placing a strong emphasis on examining the optimal tax outline for each
transaction with regard to real-estate tax, income tax, and VAT.

 The esteemed professionals of the department possess a vast array of knowledge and experience in the fields of finance, accounting, taxing, law, and more. This breadth of experience is essential to accompanying and guiding real-estate transactions; our team is able to expertly connect the various aspects of the process and devise innovative solutions at every stage, thus ensuring superior service for our valued clients.

Among our solutions:

• Comprehensive tax consulting throughout every step of the process, starting with the initial process of building the optimal transaction outline

• Assistance with real estate selling and purchasing transactions

• Accompaniment in structural change transactions, including the transfer of rights in real estate and real estate association

• Accompanying transactions for purchasing / allocating stocks in real estate associations, including assessing the classification of a company as a "real estate association"

• Tax consulting in transactions related to urban combination and renewal

• Assistance in preparing capital gains tax and purchase tax assessments

• Tax estimates

• Provide feedback, opinions, and rulings on tax-related matters

• Taxation due diligence

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Ophir Sulami

Ophir Sulami

Partner, Head of M&A Tax Department

Ophir is a Partner at Deloitte Israel where he is the Head of the M&A Tax practice. He regularly advises multinational firms, traditional industry enterprises and public companies on domestic and inte... More