Israel 2018 Technology Fast 500 EMEA Winners


Israel 2018 Technology Fast 500 EMEA Winners


Growth 2014-2017: 8808%

Sector: Software

CEO: Jeff Kupietzky

PowerInbox is the innovation leader in email monetization, real-time personalization and dynamic subscriber engagement. We enable publishers and brands to deliver the person-to-person experience their subscribers expect at any scale, with a simple, yet sophisticated, platform that is easy to use, nimble and efficient.

Growth 2014-2017: 6321%

Sector: Software

CEO: Roy Mann is a platform for building and sharing any business process for a workflow for any size team or project.


Growth 2014-2017: 5532%

Sector: Software

CEO: Gil Bar-Tur

PubPlus is a revenue attribution solution that helps publishers maximize content distribution spend, ad revenue, and user engagement. PubPlus seamlessly aggregates publisher's data into one easy-to-manage platform where ad revenue is attributed to the marketing spend, leveraging valuable insights in order to maximize growth and profit. With PubPlus, publishers can easily spot and halt underperforming content distribution campaigns and scale the profitable ones in order to maximize their ROI.

WSC Sports Technologies Ltd

Growth 2014-2017: 4467%

Sector: Software

CEO: Daniel Shichman

WSC Sports' AI driven platform analyzes live sports broadcasts, identifies each and every event that occurs in the game, creates customized short-form video content and publishes to any digital destination

Yotpo Ltd.

Growth 2014-2017: 3192%

Sector: Software

CEO: Tomer Tagrin

Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform that helps businesses generate customer reviews and transform them into a powerful marketing engine.


Growth 2014-2017: 2882%

Sector: Software

CEO: Moshe Vaknin

youAPPi generates profitable mobile customers for marketers and agencies, providing one single point to streamline their mobile media buying.


Growth 2014-2017: 2396%

Sector: Software

CEO: Omri Brill

adCore is a leading advertising technology platform, providing automated solutions for day-to-day Search Engine Marketing tasks. adCore is designed for in-house marketing professionals, freelancers and advertising agencies to scale your SEM activity and outperform  targets

Perimeter 81

Growth 2014-2017: 1287%

Sector: Software

CEO: Amit Bareket

Perimeter 81 is a Zero Trust Network as a Service designed to simplify secure network, cloud and application access for the modern and distributed workforce.



Growth 2014-2017: 1249%

Sector: Software

CEO: Dan Adika

WalkMe owned by WalkMe Inc. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that helps users navigate the features of other web-based services.


Growth 2014-2017: 1214%

Sector: Software

CEO: Liad Agmon

Dynamic Yield’s Unified Customer Engagement platform helps marketers increase revenue by automatically personalizing each customer interaction across web, mobile apps and email. The company’s advanced segmentation engine uses machine learning to build actionable segments in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, product/content recommendations, automatic optimization and behavioral messaging.


Growth 2014-2017: 807%

Sector: Software

CEO: Romi Stein

OpenLegacy helps organizations quickly launch innovative digital services by extending their core (legacy) systems to the web, mobile and cloud in days or weeks versus months. Together, business and IT teams can quickly, easily and securely meet consumer, partner or employee demands for digital services without modernizing or replacing core systems, and without special programming skills or invasive changes to existing systems and architectures.

Ecoppia Scientific Ltd.

Growth 2014-2017: 748%

Sector: Environmental Technology

CEO: Eran Meller

Ecoppia is a world leader and the only bankable provider of an autonomous, water-free PV-panel cleaning technology for utility-scale solar installations.

Redis Labs

Growth 2014-2017: 687%

Sector: Software

CEO: Ofer Bengal

Redis Labs is  the world’s most popular in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise that delivers superior performance, matchless reliability and unparalleled flexibility for personalization, machine learning, IoT, search, ecommerce, social and metering solutions worldwide.


Growth 2014-2017: 671%

Sector: Software

CEO: Gal Rimon

Gameffective is an employee-centric SaaS platform that supercharges workforce performance in the world's leading Fortune 500s.  Gameffective engage and align employees with goals, providing instant feedback and personalized coaching. Using gamification, adaptive microlearning and continuous performance management Gameffective help employees and managers stay focused, hit business targets and continuously improve day by day.

Camilyo Online Ltd.

Growth 2014-2017: 549%

Sector: Software

CEO: Gil Ilani

Camilyo is an all-in-one, omni-channel, white-labeled, integrated marketing platform, designed specifically for online service providers and their small and medium business clients, with a clear focus on capturing leads and transactions across multiple online channels.


Growth 2014-2017: 506%

Sector: Media and Entertainment

CEO: Peli Beeri

Bidalgo is the leading provider of ad automation solutions to help app marketers achieve unparalleled growth quickly, easily and profitably. Our SaaS-based platform offers the mobile industry’s only end-to-end suite of automated media buying services, from uploading ads and optimizing their performance to real-time bid management, budget allocation and more. Meanwhile, our team of performance marketers, creative designers, media buyers and account managers offer professional expertise to help each and every client get the most from their campaigns.

Gimmonix Technologies

Growth 2014-2017: 485%

Sector: Software

CEO: Andrew Spektor

Gimmonix is a travel technology company that empowers travel businesses to increase their revenue and boost efficiency. Our core solutions are all about optimization. We use API connectivity and aggregation, automated mapping, and profit optimization tools to help our clients maximize results and minimize waste.


Growth 2014-2017: 422%

Sector: Software

CEO: Elie Rubin

Deskforce is a realtime communications platform provider that enables businesses to engage their customers effectively. Leveraging Deskforce's proprietary SaaS-based applications, API’s, and CRM integrations, Deskforce provides a robust engagement platform.


Growth 2014-2017: 366%

Sector: Software

CEO: Amir Ofek

CyberInt is a sophisticated, intelligent solution to the emerging trend of cyber threats being faced by businesses in the online space. CyberInt stay well ahead of hackers and eliminate potential threats before they become crises by deploying the Argos™ Multi-tenant SaaS Platform and its targeted, highly automated Managed Detection and Response technology. CyberInt’s holistic, end-to-end MDR service spans the globe, serving some of the top retail, e-commerce, finance and telecommunications organizations in the world. Using advanced research and simulation of attacks from the threat actor’s perspective, CyberInt provides highly automated real time responses and powerful, validated alerts.


Growth 2014-2017: 244%

Sector: Software

CEO: Pini Yakuel

Optimove is a privately held company that develops and markets a software as a service (SaaS) software product, also called Optimove, Optimove’s product has a Customer Data Platform at its core and applies algorithmic optimization to autonomously improve multichannel campaigns.

Credorax Inc.

Growth 2014-2017: 214%

Sector: Fintech

CEO: Igal Rotem

Credorax is an acquirer specifically focused on the e-commerce arena, Credorax provides proprietary Smart Acquiring to PSPs, ISOs and online merchants.


Growth 2014-2017: 200%

Sector: Software

CEO: Noam Danon

Qmarkets is a software company specializing in collective wisdom solutions - solutions that help organizations to involve their employees and customers in real decision making processes, and by that reach better business results and tighten their employees' and customers' commitment.


Growth 2014-2017: 179%

Sector: Software

CEO: Ofir Zemer

Cellwize is a leading provider of Mobile Network Automation solutions. Beginning life as a cloud-based Centralized Self-Organizing Networks (C-SON) provider, Cellwize has evolved its technology into a wider automation architecture that orchestrates ‘zero-touch’ closed-loop functionalities across a multitude of vendor and wireless technologies. Cellwize solutions are enabling the 5G journey for customers across North America, Latin America, Europe and APAC.

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