Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Process Management and Optimization

Deloitte’s performance experts specialize in characterization, development and assimilation of AI solutions that streamline organizational, business and operational processes, making them free from human error.

These solutions enable automatic and independent machine-based decision-making integrated into the business process. Our team of experts consists of developers, architects, AI specialists and strategists, each with extensive experience in implementing technologies tailored to the organizational needs.

Among our solutions

  • Development and implementation of automatic document classification (including loan applications, medical documents)
  • Data and information management and labeling for monitoring and control (including regulatory reporting, medical reports)
  • Development and implementation of automatic summaries of chats with clients
  • Purchase and registration approval (including insurance policies)
  • Identification of errors and inconsistencies in reports (including salaries, expenses)

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Ran Bergman

Ran Bergman

Chief Data Scientist, Head of Deloitte Analytics

Ran Bergman leads the AI & Analytics practice at Deloitte Israel. Ran is a data-capital expert with more than 20 years of supporting organizations in improving business performance with the assistance... More