The Innovation Unit specializes in accompanying managements in the process of integrating innovation in organizations as a method to face the business ecosystem challenges that threaten traditional value chains, and to create new and significant value for their target customers.

We employ the unique “10 Types of Innovation” methodology, which enables systematic thinking on large-scale innovation and considers various aspects of the organization’s activity, beyond the actual product features.

Our progressive methodology and experience, as well as our familiarity with the market and clientele, enable us to establish significant processes, that combine creative and strategic capabilities, for the identification and examination of possible ventures and risks as part of the organization’s innovation activities.

Among our solutions

  • Define & Strategize Innovation – Establishing an effective innovation strategy that is suitable for the opportunities and threats facing the organization’s “classic” activity
  • Become Better Innovators – Establishing a mechanism that will support the organization’s consistent and productive engagement with innovation, and the execution of initiatives according to business objectives and strategy
  • Explore and Launch Innovation – Defining, examining and launching breakthrough innovation initiatives

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Rani Argov

Rani Argov

Partner, Deloitte Digital Co-lead

Rani is a Partner, Co-Leader and Head of strategy of Deloitte Digital in Israel. He helps support leading Israeli companies in the planning and launching of breakthroughs and innovative concepts. He s... More