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As organizations are fast tracking towards the digital era, one of their main challenges is how to organize and digitalize all the unstructured data contained in paper, forms, photos and various type of documents (digital & non-digital). Above all, organizations want to analyze the data contained within and turn it into insights which will assist them in achieving the desired outcome.

Green Iris provides an analytical approach, using machine learning technology, to streamline automatic processes to extract, validate, identify data and classify documents according to business logic which afterwards can be integrated into the organization systems, thus improving the efficiency of internal and back office processes and achieving crucial insights.

Using advanced text analytics algorithms together with OCR capabilities provided by IBM's DataCap® software, Green Iris improves the quality of digital documents, extract the relevant information and classify documents automatically, thus reducing errors, time & increasing exponentially the internal process efficiency and customer service.

How to use/how it works:

•  Functional details:

o  Improves quality of image in scanned documents to facilitate OCR tasks, using an advanced analytical algorithm that selects the parameters with the highest confidence level of accuracy

o  OCR capabilities using IBM's DataCap®

o  Identify, extract and if needed validate relevant data

o  Assigns a document with a classification based on the highest score based on business rules

o  Transform extracted data into JSON to allow analysis and modeling 

Compared to other OCR products, Green Iris:

1.  Uses various analytical methods for image improvement and selects the best one in order to improve OCR results, increasing the accuracy of data extraction.

2.  Identifies and extracts data using business rules

3.  Classify documents according to relevant business rules, thus allowing the implementation of fast tracks (automatic classification) and/or tracks for manual review, using score generated algorithms which can be analyzed to extract business insights.

4.  Transforms data into other formats to facilitate the analysis of it

With Green Iris organizations will:

  1.  Reduce manual work and increase efficiency
  2.  Streamline processes
  3. Reduce classification errors
  4. Provide better customer service

The future of insurance claims management.

With technology advancements simplifying insurance processes considerably, we can envision a smarter future for insurers and customers. 

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