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Wellness is not just a good-to-have concept. A focus on wellness is essential to have a workforce that is happier, healthier, and best equipped to take the organisation forward. We focus on holistic wellness under the DCare umbrella, which aims at enabling professionals to be positive and stay active.

An engaged mind

Through an environment that encourages honest conversations, regular communications on managing stress and conflict, and a 24x7 confidential counselling helpline for professionals and their loved ones, we foster a sense of optimism; clarity of thought; creativity to learn, grow and respond to challenges; and thereby help professionals be at their best.

An energised body

As lifestyles get increasingly sedentary, it is imperative for professionals to not lose track of physical wellness. What helps is a good balance of movement, rest, proper nutrition, and regular monitoring. Regular tips on nutrition and exercise, nutritious cafeteria menus, and periodic onsite and offsite health check-up facilities, help our professionals achieve their wellness goals.

Downtime to charge-up
Everyone needs some time away to recharge, and we want to support our professionals achieve work life harmony. In addition to a regular leave entitlement, professionals at Deloitte enjoy a happiness time-off for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and also an organisation-wide holiday in the last week of the year. Flexible working arrangements are also available to help professionals manage their commitments.

Mom’s the word

Motherhood is a joyous experience and the wellness needs of expectant and new mothers is a high priority for us. Counselling services at the pre-natal and neo-natal stage offer mothers useful health and nutrition related information, and a friend to discuss any concerns they may have. Counselling extends to the spouse and the reporting manager, so that they can support the mother transition easily into maternity leave and integrate back at work seamlessly, at the end of it. Flexible working arrangements further help new mothers adjust to the new demands that maternity brings. Tie ups with day care centres in close proximity to the office enables mothers to harmonise work and infant-care priorities.

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