CSR preparedness survey report

May 2024

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sector in India is fuelled by businesses proactively contributing towards a better society by addressing critical social issues. Under the Companies Act, 2013, India became the first country to take ambitious strides towards mandating business entities to contribute a certain amount for their CSR initiatives. Almost a decade into the legislation, the CSR sector has intricately woven itself into the Indian economy and is playing a pivotal role in India’s journey to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’ commitments by 2030. A survey of 185 organisations conducted by Deloitte in India takes a deep dive into CSR maturity and preparedness cachet, offering insights for corporate strategy amidst emerging trends like social stock exchanges and technology-driven impact.

Deloitte India’s CSR preparedness survey indicates that only 28 percent of the surveyed organisations feel “very prepared” to navigate the complexities of impact investing, despite over 50 percent of them having strong interest in it, including engagements with India’s Social Stock Exchange and other innovative models, such as social bonds and pay-for-success. The survey further highlights that 50 percent of them are re-evaluating their CSR strategies due to changing local and global regulatory landscapes and enhanced disclosure requirements.

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