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Some stories stand out

Explore the latest news and trending stories that make an impact for alumni.

Deloitte Voice of Asia - III
India has the 16th lowest rate of female workforce participation in the world. Were that to lift the economic potential would be significant?

Delhi Alumni Meet 2017
Looking back to Alumni Meet 2017, Delhi, where Deloitte India alumni joined us to revive the connections for life.

Impact Day 2017
Deloitte is strongly committed to positive societal change. Community Involvement drives measurable change in our communities.

Deloitte Review, Issue 21
The future of work: Discover how to navigate transformative change to create meaningful work and careers.

Robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace. A dispersed workforce in which people work from anywhere, anytime. The need to constantly learn new skills to revitalize one's career. These trends and more are just part of what the future of work could entail—and we must surely adapt.

Achieving digital maturity
Adapting your company to a changing world

Our third annual study of global digital business, a collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review, reveals five key practices organizations best able to achieve digital maturity employ—and the lessons all companies can learn from their success.

What if I can’t stay true to my leadership style?
Six leadership lessons from Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen

Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen shares advice for staying personally connected in an increasingly global and virtual world.

2017 Millennial Survey

A turbulent 2016—punctuated by terror attacks in Europe, Brexit, and a contentious US presidential election—appears to have rattled millennials’ confidence. Read the report to learn more.

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