Global Consumer India Immersion

Global Consumer India Immersion was held in Mumbai, from 24 - 26 September 2019.

Technological innovations, government reforms, and infrastructure investments have brought India to the forefront, as its consumers change how they buy and its professionals transform how they work. Many Indian companies, multinational off-shore delivery centers (e.g., GICs), and factories have been moving up the value chain, while innovating and automating along the way.

At the event, there will be interactive sessions about how urbanization, middle class growth, and a knowledge economy have created a future-ready workforce and more discerning consumer in India. The discussions will look at how factors like the gig economy, use of exponential technologies, and smart/connected devices are disrupting the Indian labor market and changing how work gets done.

Deloitte global and India subject matter experts, industry experts, corporate executives from large corporations, and start-ups founders will converge at this event to share their perspectives about navigating through the complex business environment and changing consumer behaviour and preferences.

Know your Consumer

The emergence of a new era of consumer markets has put the Indian retail industry at the forefront of India’s growth story. Target marketing, digital marketing strategies, use of technology, and application of data analytics continue to increase in importance, and challenge tested methods and strategies.

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