Health & Wellness Progress Report


Health & Wellness Progress Report

Based on 2017 survey findings

Results from the latest Health & Wellness Progress Report by The Consumer Goods Forum and Deloitte Global show that more consumer goods companies are partnering with community stakeholders to address local health and wellness challenges.

About the Health & Wellness Progress Report

In the five years since The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) launched its annual Health & Wellness Progress Report, we have seen a concrete shift in how CGF members are working together to show industry leadership, address changing consumer demands and empower consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles.

This year’s edition builds on the success we have seen in previous years as more companies are engaging with their employees and their communities to meet health and wellness needs. Employee participation in health and wellness programs jumped by 23% last year. CGF members partnered with over 527,000 schools in 2017 to help children learn healthy habits. They also responded to evolving consumer demand by reformulating more than 33,700 products. With global obesity figures continuing to rise, the document demonstrates how health and wellness is gaining in importance in FMCG boardrooms.

Health & Wellness at The Consumer Goods Forum [Download the infographic below].

What CGF members are doing to support healthier lives [Download the infographic below].

Highlights from the report

  • More companies are engaging with communities, with 85% of consumer goods companies saying they have formed partnerships with community stakeholders
  • Over 1.6 million employees participated in health and wellness programs, an increase of 23% since last year
  • 58% of respondents participated in food bank programs, distributing 180 million meals and donating over 77,000 tonnes of food
  • Consumer goods companies’ health and wellness programs reached over 527,000 schools, up 37% since 2016
  • 88% of companies introduced products that have been formulated and/or reformulated to support healthier diets and lifestyles
  • 12% increase over last year in the number of companies who are (re)formulating products to include less salt and less sugar
  • More reporting from personal care companies on the reformulation of products including parabens, phthalates, microbeads and fragrances

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