Forensic Solutions at a Glance

Reactive, proactive and sector-specific Forensic Solutions from Deloitte India to deal with a wide range of financial irregularities or fraud, misconduct and business disputes.

Our Services

Do you conduct background checks on employees and vendors?

Do you educate employees about the importance of ethics and anti-fraud programs?

Do you have a documented policy outlining your ethical standards/ code of conduct?

Does your organisation provide an anonymous way to report suspected violations?

Does your organisation promptly investigate incidents of suspected or reported fraud?

At what frequency does your organisation perform a trend analysis of the incidences of fraud and the resultant action plan performed?

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Reactive Services


Our Reactive Services help companies in containing the extent of fraud and mapractice that has occurred, extending support to plug gaps in processes and controls and suggesting remedial action.

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Proactive Services


Our Proactive Services help companies detect red flags that can turn out to be potential frauds, saving companies time, efforts and money in remedial action.

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Sector-specific Services


While Deloitte offers a range of Reactive and Proactive Services, our experts have combined a range of best practices and specialised offerings to suit the needs of players in various sectors.  

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Our Publications

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