Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction Services

Providing comprehensive strategic advice

Our sector specific expertise makes us a preferred choice for our clients -

We cover an entire gamut of services under our integrated M&A due diligence offerings

Financial and tax due diligence

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence (VDD)
  • Data-room support
  • Bid support
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) advisory
    Advise you on the accounting aspects of the SPA. Work closely with the core Deloitte team and your lawyers, identify commercial issues early so that they can be appropriately reflected in the SPA and converted into real value
  • Tax advisory
    Provide commentary on effective tax rates; assessment and validation of losses and other tax attributes; review current compliance status, tax benefits and their availability in future; and commentary on any other outstanding tax liabilities and material issues

Commercial due diligence (CDD)

  • Market and competition landscape
  • Review existing customers, nature of contracts, revenue model and pricing
  • Define key customer segments, analyse penetration, identify typical purchase criteria and strength of relationships with customers; map out the clients supply chain structure and understand the procurement of products/services
  • Review growth plan, analyse key assumptions, undertake scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • In addition to CDD, we offer
    – Business plan review development
    – Market assessment and competition landscape
    – Growth strategy, expansion and operational strategy

Value creation Services (VCS)

  • Pre and post deal support on –
    – HR and IT due diligence and integration
    Organisation and HR diligence to assess organisation structure, capability assessment, compensation structure, cost benchmarking, human resource challenges and potential risks for business sustainability and scale up Technology and IT diligence to assess the current state of digitisation, process automation, technology performance, digital and IT interventions and other areas of improvement.

– Operations due diligence to assess key business processes, benchmarking of operating KPIs, operating risks and areas of improvement based on industry best practices

– Deal Project Management Office

– Cost optimisation, operational scalability and cash rationalisation

– Customised service offerings aligned to client requirements and specifics of the target business

  • 100-day planning and execution