Human Resource Transformation with Oracle HCM

A new set of fundamentals to navigate a boundaryless world

If the past century of work was defined by work being fixed and repeatable, the next century will be all about work being fluid and agile. The boundaries that once dictated when, where, and how work was completed are falling away, jolted by advancing technologies and greater discontinuity and disruption.

New fundamentals must be built to help workers and organisations navigate this boundaryless world. Here are some of the key trends shaping the industry:

Think like a researcher and frame business challenges as an experiment from which organisations can learn, adapt, and improve their processes and outcomes.

– Navigate the end of jobs
– Power human impact with technology
– Activate the future of workplace

Workers and organisations must work together to cocreate the new rules of their working relationships and how work will be done in a future without boundaries.

– Negotiate worker data
– Harness worker agency
– Unlock the workforce ecosystem

To embed and prioritise human outcomes into new ways of working, organisations must focus on creating a clear, collective purpose.

– Take bold actions for equitable outcomes
– Advance the human element of sustainability
– Elevate the focus on human risk

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