Realizing the impact of organization design


Realizing the impact of organization design

Ten questions for business leaders

Organization design is a complex undertaking with no guarantees. Most organization design programs do not live up to expectations and often create more disruption than business value.

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Our global experience has shown why the success rate of such well-intended projects is still so low:

  • Most organization design projects proceed to the design phase with very limited analytical work. The analytics that do take place are often based on incomplete or very high-level data sets.
  • Most design projects don't go far enough in addressing real organizational or structural issues.
  • In more than 60 percent of cases, these important projects are left up to middle management to design and implement. There's too little sponsorship, oversight, or involvement from senior executives.
  • Often, businesses embark on organization design projects in search of benefits they can't achieve through organization design alone—or even at all.

Realizing the impact of organization design: Ten questions for business leaders presents the latest Deloitte thinking on creating the conditions for highly successful organizational design based business transformation through three distinct phases:

  • Decide: Is organization design the right solution for the business?
  • Design: The right future organization is not based on structures alone.
  • Deliver: Realize the planned benefits and value through thorough implementation.
Realizing the impact of organization design

Creating and implementing a new design can be a significant organizational accelerator in complex business environments. Asking the right questions at each phase—and acting on the response—can save time and effort. And it's the only way to link the effort you're expending with the results you want.

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