Government Trends 2022

Building resilient, connected, and equitable government of the future

The government trends 2022 report provides a unique perspective on the ongoing transformation of the government. This year’s report finds governments grappling with the unique challenges posed by the pandemic; a health crisis coupled with economic demands for social support.

The report emphasises how governments are seeking to enhance agility, improve operations, and rebuild trust with a strong focus on becoming future-ready post pandemic. Ten of the most transformative trends in governance today have been highlighted, grouped under three key themes:

  • Building resilience: Focus on long-term resilience to future shocks
  • Connected for greater value: Overhaul and integration of structures, systems, and data-sharing to drive greater impact
  • Government for all the people: Making programmes and services truly equitable and inclusive

Government Trends 2022

What are the most transformational trends in the public sector today? Explore this year's ten transformative trends that focus on how governments are striving to become future-ready post-pandemic.

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