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COVID 19’s impact on corporate real estate for organisations

COVID-19 is an unprecedented event that has disrupted delivery models for organisations; and we should focus now on safety, business continuity, and optimising costs

Globally, COVID 19 has led to uncertainty for businesses, facing unprecedented challenges, and organisations are working hard to mitigate the financial and operational risks and the disruption to business continuity.

Organisations are taking various steps to keep their employees safe and run their operations, and a new normal is likely to e mer ge that may be nothing like it is today. It brings up the following questions:

• How will the workforce function?
• How will people interact with one another?
• How will real estate functions plan for and manage work places?

As the new normal, leading organisations have shifted to work from home and are keen to continue with it in the long term. This is expected to have a significantly impact the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) functions for the organisation and open up opportunit ies for easing cost pressures.

In this scenario, decisions around real estate are expected to become increasingly critical for the leading organizations as they focus on safety, and business continuity while trying to optimise costs.

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