Elevating human experience for automotive customers through digital transformation

This paper attempts to decode the impact of Covid-19 on automotive customers’ purchase journey, discusses the ‘new normal’ expected to emerge for automotive OEMs and provides recommendations on how digital solutions will transform the traditional customer journey.

Major automotive markets globally have been hit hard in 2020, with India amongst the worst hit. After the lockdown is lifted, Indian consumers are expected to be uncertain spenders, especially on discretionary items, such as automotive. To counter this, tectonic shifts in journeys of automotive customers are required. One such shift is the significant interest of customers in exploring digital solutions. Customers are now interested in purchasing their next vehicle online without stepping inside a dealership.

This paper attempts to highlight the key themes identified for delivering superior human experience though digital transformation. It discusses how digital platforms will impact branding, product interaction, self-service, predictive maintenance and personalise engagement with existing and new automotive customers.

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