Digital Dominance


The Digital Dominance: Catalysing India's rise as a global digital leader

How Digital Public Infrastructure empower citizens

The “digital” wave hit India for good and today, digitisation extends far beyond a technological transformation. It is evidently unfolding our country’s future and bringing in affordability, security, and accessibility for goods and services. Digital has brought in transparency, competitiveness across the globe, and a broader sense of societal well-being − both for consumers and corporate India. It has also opened up new avenues for international trade and sustainability; created new business and job opportunities; and ultimately brought in economic efficiency for a nation.

The Deloitte-CII report unveils how “digital technology” is catalysing India's rise as a global digital leader. Through interesting use cases, the report brings interesting movements, including ONDC, 5G infrastructure, healthcare, or GCC success stories shaping up the world, with more investments, interoperability, and the ease of doing business.

Leveraging the strength of internet, India has created a plethora of digital public goods and government services that democratise the digital infrastructure. Keeping innovation at the heart of development, our nation is focused on leading by example with concepts such as UPI, a unique case study. This report shares use cases and examples to give a glimpse of the metaverse.

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