The future of health in India


The future of health in India

Tech-enabled care delivery for empowered consumers

In the coming decade, health care delivery in India is expected to be driven by technological advancements and digital health adoption amongst providers and patients. This is likely to be influenced by a mindset shift, technical developments, infrastructure development, government incentives, and other factors.

This paper provides insights into the future of health in India, which will involve tech-enabled care delivery for empowered consumers. The first two sections focus on digital interventions from the demand and supply sides, wherein optimal health care will be driven by a successful amalgamation of digital technologies and patient-centric care paradigms. Further, potential action to drive the future of health spans establishing policies, building digital infrastructure, and fostering partnerships across the ecosystem. While there are barriers to implementing tech-enabled care across geographies and socioeconomic groups, various stakeholders including industry incumbents, emerging entrants, and non-native industry incumbents can collaborate to overcome such barriers. The final section presents an outline of how potential technologies for digital health can be implemented in the short-, medium-, and long term.

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