Cyber detect and respond

Staying ahead of cyber threats in the Life Sciences and Health Care Industry

The Life Sciences and Health Care (LSHC) industry is going through a major transformation, driven by digital technologies, supply chain optimisation, wearable medical technologies, and the development of new care models.       The adoption of digital technologies has revolutionised several clinical processes and has enabled healthcare organisations to improve patient experience and clinical efficiencies.

With the increased adoption of digital technologies in various industries, including the LSHC industry, enhancing cybersecurity and protecting intellectual property have become key challenges for organisations. These challenges, if not addressed appropriately, can derail the entire transformation program of an organisation.

Therefore, it is crucial to adopt an agile and dynamic security foundation for effectively identifying and responding to cyber threats generated via internal and external changes and threat actors. This foundation should be flexible enough to meet the challenges faced by modern businesses, the workforce, and technology trends.

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