Autobot - IoT enabled security

While most business models are changing globally towards an interconnected ecosystem, there exist models with a distributed landscape in the form of remote sites, stores or infrastructure. The threat landscape is constantly evolving an challenging the organisations and their security teams. Thus, the need to have a pro-active security testing and tracking mechanism which could provide organisations with holistic coverage of all their sites/ infrastructure in a near real-time basis arises. Organizations not only need to enhance their security posture but also need to adhere to various regulatory / stakeholder compliance requirements. Connectivity issues and the cost of travel to remote locations are few of the key challenges which limit an organization’s ability.

About the AutoBot

The AutoBot is an automated penetration testing solution with built in intelligence to take care of various operations which are otherwise performed as a part of professional services. The solution is aimed at performing security testing with no manual intervention; reducing cost associated with deploying professionals at remote locations; providing near real-time security posture; and enabling wider coverage of security testing for organisations at remote locations with connectivity issues.

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