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Marketing Trends 2023

The India story

Marketing has undergone a revival in the last decade, but despite the significant transformations that have already taken place, there is much more in the offing to look out for. Last year saw a plethora of innovative ideas such as vernacular content, OTT commercials, rising personalisation, metaverse-first launches, live streaming, and sustainable initiatives. We have seen how digital has developed into a crucial and customer-preferred channel for customer engagement, conversion, and acquisition.

Despite the unprecedented challenges CMOs have had to face in the past two years, we believe that they are well- equipped to create new levers of growth.

Businesses that are future-facing are sharp- focussed on advanced technologies, market expansion, and personalisation across channels to ensure the sustained success of their brands amidst such unpredictable times. India is a ripe market for growth and it is wise to keep investing in marketing efforts to reap long-term rewards.

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