Workforce demographics overview

Browse this set of articles to explore some of the changes in the size, shape, composition, and cost of government workforces over the last decade and the implications of those changes.

Workforce demographics cover with text_kwIntroduction: workforce demographics

By Tiffany Dovey Fishman

Over the last decade, a number of events have, together with broader demographic shifts, impacted the outlines of government workforces around the world.

Diversity’s new frontier: Diversity of thought and the future of the workforce

By Anesa “Nes” Diaz-Uda, Carmen Medina, and Beth Schill

It’s time to rethink diversity. Advances in neurological research that are untangling how each of us thinks and solves problems can help organizations operationalize diversity of thought and eventually change how they define and harness human capital.

Improving the government brand

By William D. Eggers

To stave off a looming talent shortage, governments at all levels in the United States must reverse the negative perceptions Gen Y has of public sector jobs.