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Towards a more ethical world, driven by sustainable innovation

Within the Impact for Italy program, born in January 2020 with the aim to generate value for the entire national system, we have embraced a new, broad and all-encompassing concept called Innovability®©. This new paradigm represents a gateway between innovation and sustainability and will guide our work in every sector we operate, helping companies respond sustainably and virtuously to new challenges centered on innovation, digital and ecological transition, and social responsibility.

The society developing in the new post-pandemic context revolves more and more around a new concept of sustainability, which now has a broader meaning, as it is not limited to the environment but becomes a focal point also in the social and economic sphere. A revolution in this sense is one of the most crucial challenges of our time but, for this renewed, broader paradigm to find its fullest expression and be effectively implemented, it must be supported by adequate tools that are new, transversal, all-encompassing, and respectful of the principles of sustainability.

It is in this setting that anthropocentric innovation finds its ideal place, expands, and evolves. Originally capable of putting man and his needs at the center of the new value propositions, this new form of “sustainable innovation” should, at the same time, have social and environmental well-being as a priority and facilitate an ethical and sustainable transition for the benefit of the entire community.

But there’s more. For the transition to sustainability to be fully effective, building a relationship of strategic complementarity between the two aspects is essential: the two activities must go hand in hand, they must share the same vision and same objectives, converging in the new concept of Innovability®©.

To investigate the opinions and expectations of citizens and businesses regarding this increasingly central issue, Deloitte conducted an important survey involving about 300 Italian SMEs (with an average of 14 employees and mainly operating in the Consumer 42% and Energy, Resources & Industrials 31% Industries) and more than 4.500 European and non-European citizens, of which about 1.000 Italians.

The survey has shown that Innovability®© will be a precondition for interpreting and managing correctly the new normality and triggering a virtuous circle that can boost a social and economic recovery that is more innovative, greener, fairer, and more equitable, for everybody.

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