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The Deloitte Central Mediterranean Public Policy Program

The Public Policy Program aims to serve the public interest through the development of projects and initiatives that contribute to generate a positive social and environmental impact for the communities in which Deloitte operates.

In accordance with the Deloitte Global, the North South Europe Public Policy Program and the EU Policy Center based in Brussels, the Deloitte Central Mediterranean Public Policy Program draws upon the skills and knowledge of Deloitte’s 456.826 professionals, cross-functional policy experts, from various backgrounds of ~ 150 countries, ~ 16.300 in Italy, Greece and Malta.. The perspectives gained by working with multilateral organizations, governments and businesses inform Deloitte’s efforts to create an inclusive and forward-looking public policy agenda.

The DCM Public Policy program aims to:

  • Serving the public interest through the development of projects, research and studies that promote social progress and sustainability.
  • Promoting the dialogue and collaboration between Deloitte, policymakers (at European, national and local level) and other actors such as business associations, research centers and universities, foundations and third sector organizations.
  • Contributing to inform and update the Deloitte Network in the field of public policies.

“Through the Public Policy Program, we want to offer our expertise to serve, and make a positive and enduring social impact in, the communities where we work and live."

Gianmario Crescentino
Chairman of Deloitte Central Mediterranean & Public Policy Leader

"At Deloitte we believe that all actors in society can and must play their part in a system of rights, that also triggers duties and responsibilities."

Fabio Pompei
Deloitte Central Mediterranean, CEO

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