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Additional insights

We hope that Mobile World Congress 2018 was interesting and productive for you and your colleagues. As a supplement to your MWC experience, Deloitte Global is pleased to offer a selection of our thought leadership that provides additional perspective on mobile-ecosystem trends and business issues. Thank you for your interest and please reach out to us if you’d like additional information.

Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications industry perspectives

2018 TMT Predictions

Deloitte Global invites you to read the latest Predictions report, designed to provide insight into transformation and growth opportunities over the next one to five years.

Cognitive Computing in Technology, Media and Telecom

From working with hundreds of clients, vendors and front-line AI researchers, Deloitte has developed a sophisticated understanding of AI, one that allows us to weed out the hype and identify the business cases where Cognitive Computing will deliver the most value.

Forces of Change: The Future of Mobility

A number of forces are converging to change the way people and goods travel from point A to point B. The resulting new mobility ecosystem could have wide-reaching impacts that span a host of industries and players.

Global Trends in Technology, Media and Telecommunications

A continuing series of essays on global trends, written by Deloitte’s Global Sector Leaders.

Flashpoints Essay Series

This ongoing series examines emerging trends in U.S. technology, media and telecommunications.

Industry 4.0 Collection

We're in the middle of a fourth Industrial Revolution—and this one goes far beyond manufacturing. Smart, connected technologies are transforming how parts and products are designed, made, used, and maintained. And by ushering in a digital reality, they are transforming organizations themselves.

Deloitte Digital Maturity Model

Many companies are embarking on complex digital transformations that will ultimately touch all aspects of their business and redefine how they operate. The Digital Maturity Model enables business leaders to assess where they are in their transformation journey today; create goals and plans for the future, both short and longer term; and make impactful transformation investments.

Technology sector perspectives

Cognitive Technology Survey

What do the most aggressive adopters of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies report based on their efforts to date? On everything from the impact on jobs to their specific goals and exactly which technologies they're using and much more, 250 leaders shared their views on this important business development just as it takes hold in the broader business world.

2018 US Technology Industry Outlook

A review of which industry trends are top-of-mind and strategies that tech companies are leveraging as they plan for growth.

Tech Trends 2018

It’s all CIOs can do to keep up with each new disruptive technology—blockchain, cognitive, digital reality—and incorporate them into specific organizational domains. But there’s a better way to understand and use today’s profound changes: to see these technological forces as complementary, working in harmony.

Media sector perspectives

Media Metrics 2017

Media Metrics 2017 analyzes the three-year financial performance of the top 100 revenue-generating media and entertainment companies in the UK. The report highlights the main trends and issues facing the sector, and how business models may need to evolve to reflect consumer demand.

Experiencing the Future of Mobility

Those riding in self-driving cars can look forward to entertainment far beyond podcasts, FM radio, and streaming music: personalized video, gaming, and more. The possibilities suggest big opportunities for media companies in the coming years—and a slew of upstart competitors to counter.

2018 US Media Industry Outlook

Video on demand. Content streaming. Hyper-targeted content and advertising. These are just a few of the developments that will transform the media and entertainment industry this year, according to Deloitte’s US Media and Entertainment leader.

Telecommunications sector perspectives

Communications Infrastructure Upgrade: The Need for Deep Fiber

Deep deployment of fiber optics into the U.S. network infrastructure might not be as glamorous as the eagerly anticipated launch of fifth-generation mobile networks (5G); however, it is just as important—if not more so. In fact, 5G relies heavily on fiber and will likely fall far short of its potential unless the United States significantly increases its deep fiber investments.

Connecting the Future of Mobility

Self-driving cars and flashy entertainment apps may get all the attention, but fast, reliable, omnipresent connectivity will be the backbone of the new transportation ecosystem. And that means that telecom companies will likely play as integral a role as any automaker, tech giant, or urban planner.