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Flashpoints: Emerging trends in technology, media, and telecommunications

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In the evolving technology, media, and telecommunications industries, new trends and possibilities emerge so quickly that it's sometimes difficult for business executives to keep pace. Flashpoints is your tool for gaining the context you need to make sense of these critical industry developments—as they emerge.

Tax reform for telecom companies

Flashpoint 23: What's the impact of US tax reform on telecom?

By this point, most executives are well aware of how tax reform will impact their companies. And for the telecommunications sector, which has one of the highest tax rates of any industry, there is definitely a lot to consider. How will tax cuts right now impact telecom companies’ strategy in the future?

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Tax reform impact on media and entertainment companies

Flashpoint 22: How media and entertainment companies can navigate the changes

Thanks to the bill formerly known as the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, corporations are looking at a hefty tax rate cut, as the statutory rate decreases from 35 percent to 21 percent. That’s good news for media and entertainment companies who operate as corporations as well as smaller businesses.

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2017's tax code changes

Flashpoint 21: Thinking through the implications for technology companies

The bill formerly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is likely to result in an influx of cash back to US corporate headquarters. But tax reform implications for the technology industry could extend far beyond finances. What else will technology companies need to consider about their value chains and market expansion as a result of these tax code changes?

Read this Flashpoint:  2017's tax code changes

The future of home entertainment

Flashpoint 20: Growth in consumer choices and market fragmentation drive new opportunities

As new digital technologies, rising consumer expectations, and shifting cultural habits upend business models, many media companies find themselves struggling to adjust to the ongoing disruption. Tremendous growth in content, the increasing number of content players, and innovative offerings have all helped to keep the consumer in the driver's seat when it comes to decision-making. As consumers and the industry work to bring clarity to the future of home entertainment, a few trends are taking hold.​

Read this Flashpoint: The future of home entertainment

Flexible consumption technology platforms

Flashpoint Edition 19: Pay–per–use models using cloud and other tech

​The pay-per-use model requires different sets of technology platforms and capabilities from traditional business models. Does your company have the right capabilities in place to make the transition? Technology, media, and telecommunications companies (TMT) must assess their current flexible consumption technology platform and identify the gaps.

Read this Flashpoint: Flexible consumption technology platforms

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Over-the-top video complexity

Flashpoint Edition 18: Examining the potential tax implications of streaming video distribution

Content consumption is no longer a one-to-one transaction between a film studio or a network and a single customer. As business models are changing, tax policy, systems, and collection can’t be an afterthought. Having an effective approach and a defensible tax position is more important than ever to mitigate risk associated with over-the-top content distribution.

Read this Flashpoint: Over-the-top video complexity

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Flexible consumption operating models

Flashpoint Edition 17: Key considerations for your as-a-service business

Companies that shift to subscription or pay-per-use offerings must identify their highest-priority capabilities and decide how to organize them. While this can be an arduous task, companies that overlook optimizing their operating models for flexible consumption could end up missing key opportunities to reach their customers.

Read this Flashpoint: Flexible consumption operating models

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Emerging wireless protocols

Flashpoint edition 16: New thinking on application and business model designs

​As connectivity increases and new Internet of Things (IoT) possibilities emerge, questions grow around wireless protocols and their role in enabling new applications and business models. Explore key issues at play with today’s wireless network protocols.

Read this Flashpoint: Emerging wireless protocols

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Emerging telecom networking technologies

Flashpoint edition 15: New considerations for communications service providers

How can you prepare for a shift in communications networking architecture? Take a closer look at the key points to keep in mind about software-defined networks and network function virtualization.

Read this Flashpoint: Emerging telecom networking technologies

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Flexible consumption business capabilities

Flashpoint edition 14: Six capabilities to consider

​Does your company have the capabilities, skills, and knowledge needed to support consumption-based models in an as-a-service economy? Explore our third, in a series of five, flashpoints on flexible consumption models.

Read this Flashpoint: Flexible consumption business capabilities

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Small cells, big changes

Flashpoint edition 13: Navigating a new environment, maintaining momentum

By 2019 global demand for outdoor small cell solutions is expected to grow by a factor of six, opening big opportunities for small cell technology. How will you capitalize on these changes while setting up your organization for success?

Read this Flashpoint: Small cells, big changes

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Changes to lease accounting standards

Flashpoint edition 12: Exploring the impact beyond the balance sheet

New lease accounting standards are expected to provide investors and other stakeholders with a more transparent view of a company’s financial picture. But for the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry, in particular, the projected effort to prepare for these changes will be significant. In this Flashpoint we take a look at some key issues surrounding the new lease accounting standard.

Read this Flashpoint: Changes to lease accounting standards

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Flexible consumption business models

Flashpoint edition 11: Driving growth through the right pay-per-use business models

​Flexible consumption calls for an entirely new business model that changes how products and services are sold and to whom. But before companies can transition to a pay-per-use model, they must understand their current business model from every angle–from their product portfolio to how they realize revenue. Companies need detailed answers to four important questions to determine how their future consumption-based business model will address customer requirements and market shifts.

Read this Flashpoint: Flexible consumption business models

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Mobile virtual network operators

Flashpoint edition 10: Evolving digital realm offers new life for an old model

A dramatically different MVNO world is emerging—moving in parallel to the Internet of Things (IoT), enabled by evolving business models, and driven by a hyperconnected digital world. Despite uncertainties that still remain, the need for strategy and innovation, as well as the necessity to evolve, remain clear. Developing strategies to help meet business goals in the midst of an MVNO revolution brings big questions and requires a thorough understanding of the current landscape. Find out what MVNOs should keep in mind as they chart this new course.

Read this Flashpoint: Mobile virtual network operators

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Software asset management

Flashpoint edition 9: Getting smart about a new engine for IT business value

Enterprise software licensing and maintenance spending can take up almost a quarter of a company’s information technology (IT) budget, yet many IT leaders do not have a clear view of their software asset picture. A lack of knowledge around owned license quantities and the extent of software deployment could put many enterprises at risk. Learn how investing in a software asset management program can optimize IT costs and limit the risks associated with software ownership and use.

Read this Flashpoint: Software asset management.

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The digital advertising ecosystem

Flashpoint edition 8: Overcoming new barriers to achieve better results

As the story of digital advertising continues to unfold, advertising fraud is a significant concern. Many organizations can struggle to respond effectively to the changing digital landscape where ad visits from unwelcome bots are exaggerating the data and inflating prices for advertisers, and where consumers are installing ad-blocking extensions to their web browsers that can prevent the display of digital ads altogether. Explore the key issues stakeholders need to consider to deliver meaningful results amid the current ecosystem.

Read this Flashpoint: The digital advertising ecosystem

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The new revenue recognition accounting standard

Flashpoint edition 7: Understanding the cross-organizational impacts

The latest accounting standards are shifting the way technology, media, and entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) companies recognize revenue. While in the past, changes like these primarily impacted finance departments, the new accounting standard also means big changes for strategy, information technology, human resources, sales and marketing, and tax. Explore why all areas of TMT companies should consider the new revenue recognition guidance and why creating a revenue recognition transformation strategy is critical.

Read this Flashpoint: The revenue recognition new accounting standard

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Flexible consumption business strategies

Flashpoint edition 6: What strategy will get you where you need to be?

In an era of business model disruption, perhaps one of the most profound developments in the technology, media, and telecommunications world is the shift away from a model based on outright purchase or licensing to one based on consumption. But moving to a flexible consumption model is not for the faint of heart. It calls for sound strategy and a fundamentally different way of doing business. Explore the four paths that companies have typically taken to transition or expand to consumption-based models.

Read this Flashpoint: Flexible consumption business strategies

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