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What works in one industry may not work in another. That’s why we strive to know them all, inside and out. Our people are experienced, real-world professionals who provide practical perspectives and solutions. So you can avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and gain an edge.

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Adobe: Changing the world through digital experience

What began as basic industry research to improve sales and user engagement revealed surprising insights that led Adobe to change the way it conducts business online. Today, Adobe offers an enhanced digital experience for its customers – achieving significant revenue growth in the process.  

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Deloitte's annual round-up of emerging trends that are shaping the business world.

2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends: An industry perspective

Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. Our survey of more than 10,000 business and HR leaders from 140 countries reveals 10 areas for businesses to focus on to better organize, manage, develop, and align people at work. This executive summary provides a focused perspective on Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends report specific to industries listed below:

Deep deployment of fiber optics is a national imperative

The success of 5G wireless will hinge on deep fiber

Tech Trends 2017: A Consumer products perspective

Deloitte's Tech Trends for Consumer Products, an annual in-depth exploration of six trends that are likely to challenge consumer products companies in the next 18-24 months.

Meet the leaders

Janet Foutty

Janet Foutty

Chairman and CEO | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Janet Foutty is the chairman and chief executive officer of Deloitte Consulting LLP. Over her 25-year career, Janet has worked closely with her clients to deliver insights and innovative solutions to ... More

Jason Girzadas

Jason Girzadas

Principal | Executive Committee

Jason is responsible for Deloitte Consulting's overall client portfolio and industry practices which gives him a unique perspective to help lead and architect cross-industry collaboration for clients.... More

Joe Guastella

Joe Guastella

US Consulting Leader | Financial Services

Joe leads Deloitte’s US Financial Services consulting practice and is a member of the Global Financial Services executive team. He is responsible for service delivery in areas of strategy, operations,... More

Dave Couture

Dave Couture

Principal | Technology, Media, Telecommunications

Dave is a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and the national managing director for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) practice. He also serves as the global consulting leader for the ... More

Rich Penkoski

Rich Penkoski

Principal | Consumer & Industrial Products

Rich is the national managing principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, responsible for consumer and industrial products and serves on Deloitte's US Board of Directors. In his 25 years as a consultant, he... More

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