What to expect in our Selection Process

Our selection process is just as much an opportunity for you to find out about us as it is for us to assess you. There are a number of stages, each of which will give you the chance to learn more about us. Please do take the opportunity to ask questions, getting to know us and our opportunities in more detail.

The breadth of opportunities at Deloitte means there are a number of different methods we use to make sure the process is fair and thorough. Broadly speaking, however, the following will happen:

Initial Screening – When you apply to an opportunity through our online career portal, your CV is directed to the Recruitment team member looking after the role. They will then assess your experience against the job description (which you applied to on our career site). The more information you provide us with that demonstrates how you match our opportunity the better we can assess your application for the role.

Interview – Our interviews are competency based. Typically, you will meet one or two interviewers during your interview. This is your opportunity to ask questions, learn more about what we do and about our culture, and showcase what you have to offer also!

Testing – The nature of some of our opportunities means that we sometimes need to practically assess your skills and experience for our roles. This testing can be a psychometric assessment, a skills based test, or a case study.

Final Interview – Typically you will meet a Director or Partner from the business area you have applied to for your final assessment. This interview will further discuss your experience and skills, alongside exploring your potential career and pathways in Deloitte.

At all stages of the recruitment process, we will correspond with you by telephone and/ or email. When applying, please make sure you provide up to date contact information!

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