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In today’s changing retail landscape, it can be tempting to invest in smart screens or augmented/virtual reality devices. But these shimmering new items don’t always address your customers’ needs. We’ve seen many retailers take the wrong road and invest in technology that their customers hardly use. Some retailers are on the right track. And you can be, too.

We’ve recently teamed up with Legend World Wide in Belgrade to open a connected store that leverages the full power of in-store technology. We’ve gathered the learnings from our store experiment and drawn insights from interviews with top industry names to try to understand the future of retail. Our aim was to kick-off a practical discussion for retailers who have been struggling with the question of how to transform their store fleets and make smart, data-driven decisions.

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If you’re in the process of re-shaping your store landscape, our paper’s practical guidelines will provide more information on these key topics:

  • Think like Elon Musk by applying ‘first principles’. Go back to the basics, reimagine the fundamentals of your store and consider the purpose your shop serves in the lives of your customers. 
  • Tech-charge your organisation. Discover how to foster innovation and glue yourself into the start-up scene. 
  • Rethink your store concept from multiple angles. Define your store associate, select and prioritise the right technology and use a data-driven approach to make informed decisions about the products you put on your shelf.
  • Connect your stores and turn data into action. Make better decisions faster by capturing data and building up analytic capabilities that help you act on what you find.
  • Apply lean, start-up thinking. Create transformational store concepts and get ready to experiment, fail fast and implement disciplined experiments that quickly show what works and what doesn’t. 

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Each store has unique needs when it comes to in-store technology. Download our ‘Connected Stores: transforming store fleet through technology’ papertoday for concrete explanations on how to navigate this fast-paced new retail world. Get the information you need to make smart choices about collecting data and informed decisions about the transformation of your stores.

Come and join our live store experiment in Belgrade

We have turned theory into practice on the high streets of Belgrade, where our connected store is up and running. At the Legend World Wide flagship store, which Deloitte Digital helped build, we’ve implemented in-store technology that’s enabled Legend’s retail team to gather insights and turn those insights into action. We’ve said goodbye to the ‘black box era’ of retail—those days when customers went in and products came out with no understanding of what took place in between. Through innovations like computer vision, we’re able to anonymously collect data from shoppers and use it to optimise in-store experiences and better serve customers!

We like to think of this as our innovation lab. We joined forces with PTC (IoT platforms), Monolith (Computer Vision), Impinj (RFID) and NCR Corporation (Next Generation POS) to create a powerful alliance that’s made our connected store project a continued success. The store has seen many benefits already, including improved store performance and enhanced customer experience. You’ll learn more about our Belgrade connected store experiment in the paper. If you’d like to visit the store in person and see it in action, please reach out to us!

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