Construction project management


Forensic reviews of construction projects

Financial losses during the implementation of capital construction projects arising from fraudulent activities can reach up to 45 percent of the project budget.

Deloitte Forensic is the largest team in the CIS market providing forensic advisory services for the construction industry. Deloitte Forensic specialists have unmatched experience in conducting financial investigations for major corporations in Russia, the CIS, and Europe.

With our considerable experience in analyzing the costs of implementing construction projects and knowledge of the basic mechanisms by which inefficient costs are generated, we can determine the reasons behind construction cost overruns, find reserves for savings, and calculate mutual liabilities with contractors. To implement projects, a team is formed consisting of specialists with appropriate educational backgrounds in construction and finance.

We analyze:

  • Expenses for construction, installation, and repair work;
  • Procurement and use of building materials and structures at construction sites, rental of vehicles and equipment, etc.; and
  • Affiliated parties.

Electronic data analysis

At the request of the client, we request electronic data from laptops and mobile devices. Using high-capacity analytical tools, we can quickly and accurately review a large volume of information in a short time at minimal cost. This type of analysis allows us to identify instances of fraud and formulate solid arguments for further negotiations or for litigation purposes. 


Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry

Partner, Forensic

Rachel is a Forensic Partner with 20 years of experience globally. She conducts investigations in all industries including assisting clients to respond to inquiries led by global regulators, many of w... More

Marina Kostanian

Marina Kostanian

Partner, Financial Advisory

Marina lead the Caspian Region Construction Advisory practice and will be predominantly based in Almaty. Marina joins us from a large US multinational engineering firm, where she was responsible for K... More