Global Human Capital Trends 2014 top 10

Review the survey findings

The top 10 findings of our global human capital trends survey outline an agenda that can guide business and HR leaders as they pivot between the recession and future growth strategies.

Across all respondents to our global survey this year, companies cite four issues as the most urgent: leadership, retention and engagement, the reskilling of HR, and talent acquisition and access. But in many cases, respondents don’t believe their organizations are ready to take on these challenges. In fact, for almost every trend we identified, readiness scores lag behind — sometimes far behind — the trend’s perceived urgency.

Perhaps HR executives are being tough on themselves and their functions when they grade themselves an overall C-minus. But given the importance that both business and HR leaders place on the human capital and talent agenda, 2014 is a moment both to reflect and to take action. What can be done? What should be done differently? What might be improved to move the needle in critical areas? Use these findings to understand your organization’s current state, its desired future, and how you might bridge the gap.

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