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Vision, values, and strategy

Our vision and strategy, developed in collaboration with leadership and member firm partners from around the world, focuses on working together As One across geographic, functional, and business borders to deliver excellence in all of the services provided by the member firms.

Vision, values, and strategy

How Companies Can Improve Value Through M&A

Board members and executives at Fortune 500 companies in the Consumer and Industrial Products (C&IP) industry generally accept the “rule of thumb” that 40 percent of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) transactions fail to provide the value anticipated. And why shouldn’t they? 

A shared value around the world | Strength from cultural diversity

Strength from cultural diversity is one of Deloitte's shared values, and we recognize that our diversity represents an enormous opportunity.

A shared value around the world

Определяем уровень вовлеченности персонала

Как выбрать нужный инструмент анализа и эффективного поставщика. Разобраться в предложениях современного рынка услуг и инструментов оценки вовлеченности персонала — задача не из легких.

уровень вовлеченности персонала

Mergers and Acquisitions 

The tax implications of a merger or acquisition should be one of the key concerns for investors or those selling a business because of the potential for significant downside risks. Such tax risks may follow the target or assets and adversely affect the value of the deal.