Commercial Law


Commercial Law

Deloitte Legal provides effective, practical advice to businesses on their ongoing contractual relationships with domestic and international customers, suppliers, and distributors, supporting clients as they develop contractual structures.

Deloitte Legal provides guidance on launching new products on the Russian market and all forms of commercial contracts to support day-to-day and strategic business activities. Our clients operate in production, retail, e-commerce, logistics, the automotive industry, information technology, FMCG, HoReCa, media, and other sectors.

Deloitte Legal’s experienced practitioners bring a practical focus to commercial law solutions that help clients manage increasingly rigorous regulations and local enforcement. Our lawyers work as part of multi-disciplinary teams, with colleagues who specialize in tax, customs, consulting, risk, and financial advisory, as well as key sectors and industries. This cross-functional approach helps Deloitte Legal offer clients a holistic perspective that takes into account all possible pitfalls from various angles.

Services include:

  • Commercial Advisory, including advice on regulatory requirements for commercial activities in the market, regulatory frameworks applicable to contractual relations (consumer protection law, licensing, technical regulation, settlement requirements, antitrust bans, etc.);
  • Commercial Contracts, including development of contractual structures and drafting and analyzing contracts in the following areas: goods and services delivery, structuring distributor/dealer relations, goods and services promotion, joint advertising and marketing campaigns, loyalty/incentive programs for contractors and consumers, sales funding, obligation performance assurance, contractual manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, etc.;
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation, Intra-Group Contracting including advice on legally implementing internal agreements related to the legal restructuring of businesses, support with implementing intra-group contracts in cases of tax-driven restructurings and intra-group financing (due to transfer pricing reasons);
  • Electronic Document Flow services (EDF), including advice on the regulatory requirements surrounding EDF, legal support during EDF implementation, e-signatures, EDF audits;
  • Track&Trace, including advice on regulatory requirements for product traceability, legal support during the implementation of Track&Trace processes.


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Key contacts

Anastasia Matveeva

Anastasia Matveeva

Director, St. Petersburg Legal Leader

Anastasia has over 12 years of experience in legal consulting. Most of her clients are automotive and consumer sector companies. Before joining Deloitte Legal, Anastasia worked for a Russian subsidiar... More

Ekaterina Portman

Ekaterina Portman

Managing Director, Consulting

Ekaterina has 20+ years of experience as a corporate lawyer and senior manager with international companies in Russia and abroad. She has personally implemented internal organizational design and chan... More