Developing the finance function


Developing the finance function

An effective formalised structure of a company’s financial functions will allow it to distribute responsibilities for different tasks and allocate appropriate resources for their fulfillment.

At Deloitte, we understand that creating shareholder value is critical to any business, public or private. Let us discuss our experiences and how we can assist you in your journey.

Your operating model should be able to adapt to changes in the company’s business, whilst still meeting key business requirements. An effective finance function must enable dynamic business growth  and should be aligned with your business strategy.

Strategy Development 

How can we measure the effectiveness of your finance function? Which industry practices can help improve the efficiency of your company’s finance department? How do the finance divisions of other companies in the same industry address similar problems? The solutions we provide to our clients answer both the specific problems of individual subdivisions, and the complex issues of the wider finance function.

Diagnostics and benchmarking 

Proper design of the target operating model for your company is a key success factor for integration of strategic goals into the company’s economic model and further implementation of business processes using advanced IT systems.

Target operating model

The  effectiveness of your finance function depends on having suitably qualified employees. Executives often need to evaluate how well staff skills match the needs of the business’s  finance function.. We have extensive experience in delivering successful evaluations and this enables us to provide our you with an integrated approach to the issue  taking into account the specific nature of your company’s business.

Personnel assessment and development of job descriptions

Mergers and acquisitions present a challenge for management, in terms of integrating the inance functions of the companies involved. Our extensive experience in successful finance function integrations means that we can provide  effective solutions for reorganization, change management, and minimizing restructuring costs for the buyer.


During the  IPO process, a company needs to assure future investors that its corporate governance processes comply with the best global practices, that risk management systems are reliable and the company will produce accurate financial statements, on time. Our experience in IPO readiness projects means that we have developed a unique methodology to make the IPO preparation process as simple and effective as possible.

IРО readiness

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