Business Outlook in Kazakhstan | 2019


Business Outlook in Kazakhstan 

Deloitte CIS Research Centre | 2019

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We are pleased to present the first edition of Business Outlook in Kazakhstan, the macroeconomic journal produced by the Deloitte Research Centre in Moscow.

Our research is based on a survey of Kazakhstan’s corporate leaders and aims to assess the mood of the country’s business community and identify their key development strategies. We placed a special focus on the implementation of innovations by Kazakh companies, and identified the key drivers and barriers to the development of the non-hydrocarbon sector.

Research objectives

  • Identify prospects for business development in Kazakhstan in 2019
  • Provide forecasts of key financial metrics in 2019
  • Evaluate the level of uncertainty and key risks of doing business in Kazakhstan
  • Identify key business strategies and areas for change
  • Identify the drivers and barriers for business in Kazakhstan
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