Business continuity and recovery management


Business continuity and recovery management

Confidence and reliability

The more resources your business has, the more risks it is exposed to. However, you cannot do without people, equipment, information systems, telecommunications and business partners.

Your business sustainability and competitive edge depend on the reliability of your resources and continuity of operations performed. Currently, the following factors can adversely influence the company's revenues and the brand image:

  • Unforeseen situations, including natural and technological disasters that endanger people and infrastructure;
  • Security threats, including computer viruses, worms and denial-of-service attacks;
  • Terrorism and extremism threats;
  • Ever-increasing amounts of information and high cost of downtime due to data unavailability or loss;
  • Increase in number of infrastructure and software correlations;
  • Enhanced liability for legal compliance;
  • Globalization and risks to which global businesses are exposed to.

Therefore, efficient risk management and, in particular, implementing a business continuity planning process becomes vital.

Business continuity and recovery management. Confidence and reliability
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