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Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

Deloitte's Corporate and Business Unit Strategy consultants help the largest and most innovative companies define their strategic direction and make key decisions, both at the level of the whole corporation and for specific business units or geographies. This includes strategic planning, growth identification (organic and inorganic), portfolio optimization, scenario planning under uncertainty, new market strategy, and competitive strategy. 

We also go beyond strategy definition to help organizations take the next steps to execute their strategy and make it real. This includes strategic cost reduction programs, M&A strategy, and strategic systems and capability design. From strategy to implementation, we offer custom-tailored services and deep industry insights to tackle the most complex challenges in business.

Digital Strategy

Digital connects people and things in ways that allow bits to direct or substitute for atoms in an ever-expanding range of activities, challenging companies to rethink how they create value for customers and compete to capture value for themselves.

Deloitte’s Digital Strategy offering enables companies to respond to the new imperatives arising from digital disruption by making an integrated set of choices that create a cost advantage or superior differentiation.

At the core of Digital Strategy is an understanding of how digital transformation is redefining the primary drivers of competitive advantage – Customer, Platform and Data.  Winning the Customer remains central, but where controlling assets was once critical, today success lies with owning the Platform and activating Data.

Pricing Strategy

Deloitte's Pricing and Profitability Management practice helps organizations address the spectrum of commercial pricing strategies, processes, and capabilities to align them with business, marketing, customer segmentation, and channel strategies.

Starting with the drivers of customer value and layering on transaction-level analysis and insight, we help companies break down their business so they can see its many parts, identify the economic value of each product and customer, and devise ways to communicate and deliver that value to customers at prices that meet both customer expectations and profit objectives.

Customer & Marketing Strategy

Deloitte’s Customer and Marketing Strategy team helps organizations create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption. We help clients achieve organic, customer-centered growth. We regularly work with marketing, brand, or strategy executives who have a mandate for achieving long-term initiatives while pressured to demonstrate impact and return in the near term. We help them design and deliver customer insight-anchored change and growth in their enterprises.

Our services center on three types of customer and marketing transformations: (1) growth and marketing, (2) marketing analytics and operations, and (3) customer experience and service. From strategy through transformation, we act as architects to identify and assess opportunities and design both the relevant strategies and the road maps to execute them, including helping to build and embed marketing capabilities and systems so that you can make informed choices and move forward with confidence.


Whether discovering the next big thing or expanding on what’s come before, businesses thrive and grow from innovation. Deloitte brings together a wide range of singular capabilities, tools, and people to help organizations create new sources of growth and prosperity.

Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, Deloitte works to unearth opportunities and spur ongoing growth that helps companies:

  1. Set and implement innovation strategy
  2. Design, build, and launch innovations
  3. Become better innovators, through empowering organizations with the right processes, tradecraft, and partnerships to deliver innovation results

Since 1981, Deloitte has pioneered the discipline of innovation and helped leading organizations navigate turbulent environments, helping companies solve complex problems that matter through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach.

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