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CIO Programme & Technology Insights

The role of the CIO is evolving at pace with the ever-growing demands on the IT function. This new breed of CIO doesn’t simply implement technology, but rather transforms and enables the business through technology.

Deloitte’s CIO Programme & Technology Insights helps senior IT leaders get ahead — and stay ahead — of the challenges and changes in business, the IT function, and their executive roles. Through market-leading insights into technology trends and CIO surveys, through professional development programs and labs, and through peer-to-peer executive networking, we keep CIOs informed and prepared to meet today’s demands and move ahead with confidence.

Deloitte CIS announces the launch of legal services for technology projects

Deloitte CIS announces that it will start providing legal services for technology projects. This became possible after Deloitte acquired a local law firm, Tolkachev and Partners.

“The development of a digital economy is on the agenda for most of our clients. Technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence and driverless vehicles, among others, create enormous opportunities for our clients, but also pose challenges and risks in light of constantly evolving regulations and a high degree of uncertainty. As new regulations always lag behind new technologies and digital business models, a good legal advisor must fully understand the underlying technologies, industry specifics and the regulatory climate to find the best solutions for novel business models"...

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Tech Trends 2016

Innovating in the digital era

Today’s CIOs – across industries, geographies, and company sizes – have the opportunity to shape tomorrow for every corner of their organization by transforming “business as usual” – imagining the future, while responsibly getting there from the realities of today.

Deloitte’s seventh annual Tech Trends report identifies eight trends that are likely to disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months – from blockchain to augmented reality, the Internet of Things, socially responsible applications of technology and more.

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IT Project Portfolio Management

Transformational change brings with it both the potential for significant business success, and a downside risk which could affect your business’s very survival. We have the skills and experience necessary to help you avoid the potential pitfalls and bring your projects in, on budget and on time.

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IT strategy & management

Day to day management and control of your IT function may not be glamorous, but it is essential. We can help you produce a world class IT shop, structuring and optimising your IT processes, and helping you to make sure that you do it in a lean and efficient way.

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Global mobile consumer trends: First edition

Emerging markets gain traction in an always-connected world

Surprising new evidence reveals that consumers in emerging markets are ingraining mobile devices into their daily lives faster than consumers in developed markets. While sidewalks across the globe are now occupied with distracted mobile device owners, our latest global consumer trends report highlights varying user habits. Find out which applications are consumer favorites and who is guilty of checking their phones more than 100 times a day.

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