Corporate Advisory

Financial Advisory Services

We provide high quality strategic corporate advisory and support services for companies planning or undertaking acquisitions, disposals, refinancing, restructurings, joint ventures, flotations and secondary offerings.

Corporate Advisory

We offer the following types of corporate advisory services:


• Strategic planning and implementation for investments / joint ventures;

• Financial planning for equity, debt and other types of funding requirements.


• Identification of suitable partners that meet specified investment criteria;

• Review of potential partners’ business operations;

• Negotiation support and strategic advice;

• Ongoing monitoring of internal financial systems and control.


• Making formal offers for sale or purchase in public and private transactions;

• Liaising with regulatory authorities on processing of transactions;

• Preparing and controlling all documentation, including Prospectuses, Offer Documents and Shareholders’ Circulars.

Continued involvement

• Improvements in financial information and internal control systems;

• Assistance in obtaining additional investor support and / or finance;

• Investment / joint venture restructuring and reorganization.

Strategic exit

• Advisory role in negotiations and dispute resolution;

• Business viability assessment and planning for corporate recovery;

• Strategy advice and support in dealing with troubled investments / joint ventures;

• Development of an appropriate exit plan to realize capital

IPO Advisory

Initial public offerings

Obtaining a Stock Exchange listing is a natural progression for many successful private companies as the benefits can be considerable. We can advise on the feasibility and appropriateness of a listing and help evaluate available options.

Pre-IPO advisory

Whatever the time selected for the listing, advanced preparation of an appropriate group structure, close examination of the business to be listed and detailed planning are key to the success of a listing. By leveraging our expertise and experience in the industry, we can provide our clients the following professional services, including:

Due diligence

• Examining the businesses in the Group and carrying out due diligence on each;

• Identifying major issues which are possible hurdles to listing;

• Reviewing the client’s past financial performance and discussing with the reporting accountants the particular accounting issues identified.

Pre-IPO restructuring

• Advising on the listing process, regulations and major issues to clients;

• Reviewing the current corporate structure of the Group and advising on an effective structure for the purpose of listing;

• Financial planning and restructuring for potential equity, debt and / or other types of fund raising opportunities.

Business plan

• Assisting to assess and modify the existing business models and packaging;

• Preparing business plans / proposals;

• Circulation of the business plans to potential investors and business partners to increase the client’s public exposure.

Strategic investors

• Identifying suitable strategic investors for potential investments or joint ventures;

• Assisting in negotiation and reviewing of the structure of the investment.

Ongoing monitoring

• Assisting to monitor the business development and operations, internal controls and corporate governance on an ongoing basis;

• Providing timely access and advisory support to clients;

• Ensuring the normal course of business and a company’s track record are able to comply with the listing rules.

Companies need to be “groomed” for the market so that the highest possible price is obtained for the shares together with institutional support for a strong aftermarket. This process begins well before the actual flotation, and often requires a complete financial accounting, tax planning and management advisory service.

Secondary offerings

A listing is a key step in a company’s development. Subsequent expansion will be funded by way of rights issues, open offers and placements etc. We can assist with managing these second and subsequent offerings, preparing the relevant documentation, liaising with the regulators and working with underwriters and brokers.

We can manage and sponsor your listing on the world’s major equity capital markets and secure additional funds on the secondary markets.


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