Digitisation of documents and legal archiving

The shift from physical documents to digital documents, otherwise known as dematerialisation.

Information is the memory of a company. Digital documents are taking over from paper documents, but some questions need to be answered before shifting completely from one to the other.

Executive summary

You have to digitise your data: transfer the data from physical form to digital form. However, depending on how the electronic data will be used and what you will do with the existing printed documents, the type of technical solution you choose will differ.

Before deciding on a solution, some preliminary questions must be answered:

  • Will the information be used for everyday purposes? (i.e. do I need data to be organised?)
  • Should the information be protected? (i.e. do I need to restrict access to the data to certain users?)
  • Will I destroy the original printed version? (i.e. do I need the document to have legal value?)

The answers to these questions determine what features are required and thus will guide the company in its choice of technical solution.

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