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Making an impact that matters, one future at a time

We have a goal of impacting one hundred million futures by 2030.

Globally, millions of people are being left behind, unable to fulfil their aspirations and potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At Deloitte, we believe that we make the greatest societal impact when our professionals use their skills and expertise to help people to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes, and access opportunities to succeed in this new economy. Deloitte’s global WorldClass ambition is to support 100 million people by 2030. By aligning around a common goal and mission, we are focusing our resources and efforts to make a meaningful impact on a shared challenge worldwide.

Deloitte Malta provides transitional frameworks for students through its programmes

Preparing students of all ages to transition to the professional world is a WorldClass goal that Deloitte Malta has been addressing for a number of years through various programmes and sponsorships.

Deloitte Malta has been a long terms main sponsor of the JA Young Enterprise Deloitte Company Programme, where 6th form students learn how to take a business idea from concept to reality

Since 2013, the Summer Programme has been assisting students enrolled in the Pathway Programmes while Opportunity Deloitte seeks to provide career advice and soft skills training to 6th form students.

Since 2018, Deloitte professionals have been volunteering in the JA Economics for Success for state school students as ‘Business Facilitators’, empowering youths with practical information about personal finance and the importance of identifying education and career goals based on a student’s skills, interests, and values.

Junior Achievement ‘Economics for Success’

In Junior Achievement Malta's ‘Economics for Success’ for state school students as ‘Business Facilitators’ programme, facilitators share their experiences and skills to help students make the connection between what they are learning in school and what they will need to succeed in work and life. The Deloitte business facilitators have contributed time towards affecting the futures of more than 125 youths aged 12 to 13 by empowering them to own their economic success.

Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Deloitte Company Programme

As a professional services firm, we continue to support the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Deloitte Company Programme – a programme through which sixth form students are given the opportunity to learn about enterprise, entrepreneurship, business and economics in a practical way. The firm also continues to sponsor the Business Plan Award and the Financial Statements Award. In addition to financial support, through the programme, we also provide premises, judges and operational assistance which are key to contributing towards the development and entrepreneurial spirit of each participating student.On a yearly basis, the firm offers two students the opportunity of a summer internship.

Opportunity Deloitte

Following its success in 2014 and 2015, Deloitte continued to execute its Opportunity Deloitte programme for schools across the country. This programme is targeted towards secondary and sixth form students, and is aimed at introducing students to the professional services world by offering career advice and training, and by providing information about the opportunities available within this area. The programme also includes soft skills training, interview techniques training and presentation skills training. Deloitte Malta works hand in hand with stakeholders who play a key role in assisting their students with their career choice.

Deloitte Malta's Foundation and WorldClass goals

Set up in 2019, the Deloitte Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organisation which supports initiatives under four pillars: Quality education, Environmental sustainability, Cultural heritage and Societal impact. Under all pillars, the Deloitte Foundation has committed to promote initiatives integral to WorldClass by supporting organisations and projects whose purpose is in educating and inspiring others.

Learn more about the Deloitte Foundation.

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