Women @ Work 2023

Understanding how women’s experiences in the workplace impact their engagement and career progression

A Local Outlook

The survey "Women @ Work: A Local Outlook" is being launched in Malta for the first time. Findings from this research will provide important insight and comparatives for Malta, that may not be necessarily available today.

We encourage participation of women in the workplace to provide their input to the survey in order to obtain meaningful results. The survey is now open. To particpate, click here.

“We are excited to launch the survey locally in Malta for the first time. This will allow us to provide important insight and data for Malta.”

Caroline Cassar Reynaud, Diversity and Inclusion Leader for Deloitte Malta.

The survey “Women@Work 2023: A Local Outlook” is now open and participants may access the survey here.

Women @ Work: A Local Outlook

Click here to participate

Click here to participate

A Global Outlook

Now in its third year, Deloitte's "Women @ Work: A Global Outlook" offers some glimpses of real improvement.

Rates of burnout have dropped. Non-inclusive behaviours have declined. And women are reporting more positive experiences with hybrid work. But despite some improvements over the past year, many women are still not getting what they want or need from their employers.

Download the Report or access the online version.

Key insights include:
  • Drop in burnout represents some progress, but mental health is still poor and stigma remains.
  • When it comes to menstruation and menopause, many women often struggle in silence.
  • Broader concerns about women’s rights, financial security, health, and personal safety prevail.
  • Women bear the greatest responsibility for household tasks, and often feel they need to prioritise their partners’ careers.
  • Women want more flexibility at work, but it is still not a reality for many and this is impacting their career choices.
  • Hybrid work experiences are improving, but challenges remain.
    Women are still experiencing non-inclusive behaviours and many are still not reporting them to their employers.
  • Women in under represented groups still face more challenges in the workplace.
  • Gender Equality Leaders remain few and far between.

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