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There are many benefits that come with working for Deloitte Malta.

Deloitte’s benefits programme is aimed at helping you to better manage your total lifestyle needs - not just while you are at work, and to reward you for being part of a world-class team. High performance – whatever your level – deserves to be rewarded. This is something ingrained in who we are as an employer.

Our benefits package includes:

Health insurance

Deloitte provides health insurance coverage to all staff members and their families.

Recognition and reward

Our members are our most valuable asset and thus we are committed to continuously formulating and implementing strategies that measure, recognise, and reward behaviour. We reward our staff contributions to the overall strategic bottom line, by offering remuneration packages, salary increases, promotions and bonuses which stand on average above the market rate, as well as competitive non- salary benefits.

Limelight Rewards

We take the time to congratulate and reward colleagues for their great contribution that they provide. Our people work relentlessly and tirelessly to bring the very best version of themselves to work each day and this is our opportunity to say thank you!

Training and learning

Deloitte offers support to its staff members in training and other learning opportunities. It grants study leave as well as financial assistance to attend long term courses.

Internal training courses are also continuously organised by our professionals which go in line with Deloitte’s Audit and Tax learning plans.

Professional subscriptions

Deloitte pays subscription fees for staff members whose professional education is supported by Deloitte.

Donate as You earn

As part of the Deloitte team we recognise the importance of giving back – our staff generously contribute towards making a difference each month and Deeloitte in turn matches that contribution to make an impact in the community.

Employee Referral Programme

Our people are our strongest asset and often our people take the opportunity to refer a friend to join Deloitte. Our Employee Referral programme allows our people to refer staff and be rewarded for their efforts.

Family friendly measures

Deloitte, an employer of choice, accommodates a level of flexibility in addition to offering opportunities at the place of work through:

  • Open door policy
  • Work-life balance
  • Reduced hours scheme
  • Flexible hours to staff members of all ages
  • Maternity leave
  • Childcare scheme
  • Health measures
  • International women’s day

Health and wellness initiatives

Deloitte’s approach to work-life balance extends beyond family-friendly initiatives.

Deloitte provides its offices occasionally with fresh fruit, runs health and wellness seminars and has preferential deals with local gyms. It also has a childcare subsidy scheme and a generous health insurance scheme for staff members and their families.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a free, confidential service that provides advice and support, whenever and whatever it is needed. We all face challenges in life that can take a lot of time to resolve and can result in a great deal of worry, frustration and distress. Whether you need specialist legal or financial advice, or personal and emotional support and guidance, the EAP service can assist you. Deloitte has partnered with the Richmond Foundation to be able to provide these services to its people.

Corporate discounts on benefits

Being a member of Deloitte means that you are eligible to a range of corporate discounts across different suppliers. This includes discounted gym memberships, computer hardware and software, travel and so on.  

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